Mekong-Class Carrier build instructions

Thanks to all the backers of the Mobile Frame Zero:002 Kickstarter, we’ve reached $35,000! As promised, you can now download the instructions for the Mekong-Class carrier favored by many Terran Transit Marine companies, like Abacan Foss’ Red Knights.

Download the build instructions PDF below!

Abacan Foss' Mekong-Class carrier, Pehlivan

Download the Build Instructions for the Mekong-Class Carrier

The ship’s configuration is 1K2Ra1B1Y2W. That’s one catapult (black die), one assault-range cannon on the starboard side of the hull (two red dice), armored cheek plates (blue die), and a sensor array (yellow die).

I expect to see many of these in fleets in the characteristically bold and unique colors of individual Terran Transit Marine companies!

If you decide to pass around this file, please link back to this page! That way, I can enter into conversations when players are asking questions out on the wilds of the Internet!

Thank you!

—Joshua A.C. Newman